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Bitboy Crypto Net Worth
Bitboy Crypto Net Worth

Have you heard of BitBoy, also known as Ben Armstrong? He’s made a name for himself in the cryptocurrency space with his YouTube content and website This article covers his early life, education, and journey to a staggering Bitboy Crypto Net Worth of at least $28 million. It’s impressive how he built his fortune, and his effective strategies have made him a trusted source for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. His story is inspiring, and it’s motivating me to explore the world of cryptocurrencies further!

Early Life

Born on October 27, 1982, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Ben Armstrong is a private person who keeps his personal life away from public attention, sharing only limited information. However, it is known that he is currently married and lived a fairly typical life before gaining prominence in the cryptocurrency world.


Ben Armstrong went to both Toccoa Falls College and Kennesaw State University. There he performed exceptionally well and graduated with impressive academic achievements. These educational experiences became the building blocks for his future accomplishments as a financial expert and investor.


BitBoy is married, but his wife’s identity remains undisclosed to the public. They share a joyful married life and have children together.

How Did BitBoy Build His Net Worth?

BitBoy’s crypto journey commenced in 2012 with early investments, but it was his fascination with the emergence of Bitcoin that ignited his passion for cryptocurrencies. He faced challenges in the beginning, including the infamous Mt. Gox hack that affected many investors.

In 2018, everything changed when BitBoy decided to fully commit to the crypto world. He ramped up his online content creation, posting daily videos on his YouTube channel. With nearly a million subscribers and a vast number of views, BitBoy Crypto became a trusted source for reliable crypto news. His authority in the field led to increased views and search engine payouts, solidifying his position as a credible figure in the crypto space.

Alongside his YouTube channel, BitBoy also manages, a website that offers crypto updates, news, regulations, and trading fundamentals for newcomers. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to enter the world of cryptocurrencies, providing insights on buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various altcoins.

BitBoy generates income through crypto partnerships and investments in the market. Recently, he expanded his YouTube lineup to include the HIT Network and New Money Gang, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of his empire and new money-making strategies. As a result of his success, Bitboy Crypto net worth is estimated to be around $28 million.

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Productivity Habits & Main Personal Strengths

BitBoy is renowned for consistently providing his viewers with valuable cryptocurrency advice and strategies. One crucial lesson he emphasizes is the need to comprehend the risks associated with any market, especially the highly volatile world of cryptocurrencies. To offer accurate insights, BitBoy devotes a significant amount of time to research, closely monitoring market trends and fluctuations.

He stresses the importance of conducting thorough research before investing in any coin and warns against the misconception that purchasing a popular coin merely based on social media hype will lead to instant success.

BitBoy’s Rise to Fame in the Crypto Space

BitBoy’s expertise in finance and investment has attracted a substantial following across various social media platforms. With an impressive 1.29 million YouTube subscribers, 580.7k Twitter followers, 298k Instagram followers, 68k Facebook followers, and over 500 LinkedIn connections, his influence reaches far beyond his YouTube channel.

Referred to as the “BitSquad,” cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the globe admire BitBoy for his practical knowledge and valuable guidance in the crypto space. has now become a trusted platform for individuals seeking reliable and up-to-date information about the cryptocurrency market.

Bitboy Crypto Net Worth
Bitboy Crypto Net Worth

Collaboration and Business Ventures

Leveraging his achievements, BitBoy has teamed up with several YouTube business channels like New Money Gang, Ivan on Tech, A Bilancione, 8-BitRyan, Crypto Crow, and more. These collaborations have significantly broadened his presence and influence in the industry.

Furthermore, BitBoy uses his platform to provide exclusive deals through partnerships with various crypto-related companies. Some of his notable deals include collaborations with Bybit, Market Cipher, Token Metrics Research, Celsius Staking, and others.

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Net Worth

BitBoy’s financial achievements are undeniably remarkable, and though exact numbers are not publicly revealed, it is believed that BitBoy Crypto net worth is at least $28 million. His commitment to his work, strategic investments, and influential position in the cryptocurrency realm have all played significant roles in building his considerable wealth.


BitBoy, or Ben Armstrong, has achieved widespread recognition as a prominent authority and influencer in the cryptocurrency domain. Through his YouTube content, website, and active social media presence, he has become a well-known figure in the industry, offering valuable insights and guidance to crypto enthusiasts worldwide. With an estimated Bitboy Crypto Net Worth of $28 million, BitBoy’s inspiring journey, starting from early investments to becoming a trusted source in the crypto world, serves as motivation for aspiring investors and content creators alike.

Bitboy Crypto Net Worth FAQs

How Rich is BitBoy?

Although exact numbers are not revealed, considering the information accessible to the public, a sensible approximation of Bitboy Crypto Net Worth is around $28 million.

How did BitBoy make his money?

BitBoy accumulated his wealth through diverse avenues within the cryptocurrency realm. His journey began with early investments in cryptocurrencies back in 2012, which set the stage for his financial achievements. As he gained prominence, he became a prominent YouTuber, creating crypto-related content that attracted a vast following and garnered substantial views on his videos. Additionally, he manages, a website that offers crypto updates and trading fundamentals. BitBoy also generates income through partnerships and investments in the crypto market. As a result, Bitboy Crypto net worth is approximately $28 million.

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Bitboy Crypto Net Worth

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